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Our varied investment schemes are designed to suit every need. The portfolio manager for every scheme has extensive experience in the field and is concerned with results for you.


India Diversified Value Equity

Investment Objective: The investment objective is long-term capital appreciation primarily through investment in a diversified portfolio of Indian equities and equity-linked securities listed on an Indian stock exchanges.

Fund Summary: This strategy is enshrined in the UTI India Fund 1986 Limited. This fund is a multi-class investment company incorporated in Mauritius. It invests in Indian equities through a domestic feeder scheme managed by UTI Asset Management Company (P) Ltd. (UTI AMC). This is the oldest offshore Indian Fund in the world as it was domiciled in Mauritius in 1986. This portfolio consists of 50 All-Cap stocks which are selected for their long term investment value using both top-down and bottom-up approaches. This Fund has been consistently rated “Four-Star” by Morningstar.

Portfolio Manager: UTI International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

India Diversified Growth Equity

Investment Objective: The investment objective is to achieve medium to long-term growth of net assets through investment primarily in growth oriented Indian stocks listed in Mumbai Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

Fund Summary: Using a Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) approach through bottom-up research, this portfolio focuses on industries with stable and secular growth prospects. The portfolio generally consists of 40-50 high quality companies with predictable earnings, low leverage, high operating and free cash flows. This portfolio won the R&I Fund** 2014 “Highest Award” and at the Lipper Fund Awards, it won Best India Equity Fund*** for both three-year and five-year periods.

This strategy is also offered in a Shariah-compliant format since 2008.

Portfolio Manager: Mr. Ajay Tyagi

India Balanced Strategies

Investment Objective: To allow investors participation into India’s economy and growth story through risk-adjusted Indian equity exposure, using an active asset allocation strategy, while providing downside protection through income from Indian debt.

Fund Summary: India remains the fastest growing large economy in the world with GDP growth rates of 7% - 8% for the foreseeable future. Thus exposure to Indian equities is rapidly becoming part of a core growth allocation.
Indian bond market is the fourth largest in Asia and Indian debt is :
• Predominantly Investment Grade (rated BBB-) with ZERO default history
• Lowly correlated with US and European bonds
• Not easily accessible for foreign investors.
Thus adding Indian debt to a global bond portfolio materially improves the Risk Adjusted return. The Fund aims to generate alpha through 1) Dynamic asset allocation between debt & equity, with quarterly rebalancing 2) Active management of the equity and fixed income portfolios using our flagship strategies 3) is available with option of Accumulation or Dividend distribution share-class. Dividend Distribution share-class of approximately 4.8% p.a. with payments of 1.2% made quarterly. We aim to make the first dividend payment within the first year of the fund launch.

Portfolio Manager: UTI International (Singapore) Private Limited

Indian Fixed Income

Investment Objective: The investment objective is to generate total returns with moderate levels of credit risk.

Fund Summary: This strategy is enshrined in a UCITS compliant fund domiciled in Dublin. This open ended fund, gives a comprehensive access to the entire spectrum of Indian fixed income market. The issuers are Central Government of India, State Governments of India, Indian Public Sector Undertakings, companies of Indian origin or deriving a significant portion of their business in India. The securities can be denominated in local currency (INR) or in hard currency.

Portfolio Manager: UTI International (Singapore) Private Limited

Impact Investing

Investment Objective: The investment objective is to generate regular returns, by investing for medium to long-term, in Indian companies that generate measurable positive social and environmental impact

Fund Summary: This strategy aims to achieve its investment objective by investing in high-quality microfinance institutions (MFIs) in India with the option to invest up to 25% in similar opportunities in South Asia. Investments are largely in rated senior secured bonds, subordinate debt, liquid debt funds and other debt and equity instruments permitted by regulations. The fund has the flexibility to invest up to a maximum of 25% in other socially responsible areas which may be non-MFI viz Food and Agriculture, Healthcare, Education and others.

Portfolio Manager: Fixed Income team

UTI AMC Capabilities
The investment team at UTI International is strongly supported by the Research & Analysis capabilities of the parent company, UTI AMC in Mumbai.
• One of the largest in-house investment teams in India
• 30 investment professionals including Equity and Debt Analysts, Fund Managers and an Economist
• Active coverage of over 350 companies, approximately 85% of the total market capitalization
• Strong understanding of the mid cap and small cap space
• Robust Operational and Support teams
• Team generates more than 300 NAVs daily; concurrent audit of NAVs

* This list is not exhaustive. To find out more about our product solutions and capabilities, you may contact us at here.**R&I Disclaimer: R&I Fund Award is based on the past data, and does not guarantee future performances of the fund. The Award is presented only to provide information that can be used as a reference, and it does not intend to encourage investors to buy, sell or hold the relevant fund. Furthermore, it has no relation with the qualitative information Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) provides to its clients. The Award is calculated by R&I based on information believed to be reliable; however, its accuracy and completeness are not necessarily guaranteed. The Award is not the Credit Rating Business, but one of the Other Lines of Business (businesses excluding Credit Rating Business and also excluding the Ancillary Businesses) as set forth in Article 299, paragraph (1), item (xxviii) of the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc. With respect to such business, relevant laws and regulations require measures to be implemented so that activities pertaining to such business would not unreasonably affect the Credit Rating Activities. The copyright and other related rights of this Award are the sole property of R&I. Use of the information contained herein (including reproducing, amending, sending, distributing or mutilating the information) is prohibited without R&I’s permission. The Award given to “Investment Trusts/Aggregate Category” is based on the average fund management performance of the relevant fund, and it does not indicate the performance of the manager’s other individual funds. The base value of investment trusts, etc. is obtained from QUICK.

*** Lipper’s disclaimer: Although Lipper makes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained herein, the accuracy is not guaranteed by Lipper. Users acknowledge that they have not relied upon any warranty, condition, guarantee, or representation made by Lipper. Any use of the data for analyzing, managing, or trading financial instruments is at the user’s own risk. This is not an offer to buy or sell securities.
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