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India’s path to Sustainable & Inclusive Growth

Praveen Jagwani, CFA | Feb 2021 Achieving sustainable, inclusive growth is a delicate balancing act for any country. This balance is needed across all societal fault lines – age, gender, wealth, minorities, urban-rural, literacy level, to list a few. India’s reforms over the past few years have been directionally positive despite the lack of pervasive .... Read More


Tiempo lectura: 5 min. TRIBUNA de Praveen Jagwani, CFA, CEO, UTI International. Comentario patrocinado por UTI International. En 2020, a pesar de la gravedad de la interrupción relacionada con la pandemia, el mercado de valores de la India se encuentra entre los que han tenido mejor comportamiento. En el 2021, la India podría ser la economía con mayor crecimiento según .... Read More

India -The V Shaped Recovery

Praveen Jagwani, CFA | Dec 2020 In 2020, despite the severity of the pandemic related disruption, Indian equity market is among the top performers. For 2021, India is slated to be the fastest growing economy according to the IMF. India’s GDP is expected to grow at 8.8% and China at 8.2%. The primary reason for .... Read More

India: el mercado de crecimiento que importa

En 2030 India será el mercado de consumo de clase media más grande del mundo, superando a China y EEUU. Praveen Jagwani CEO de UTI International La megatendencia del consumo de la clase media Para 2030, se espera que la clase media mundial cuente con 5.3 billones de personas, frente a los 3.6 billones en .... Read More

India- The Growth Market That Matters

Praveen Jagwani, CFA | Nov 2020 The Megatrend of Middle Class Consumption By 2030, the global middle class is expected to comprise 5.3 billion people, up from 3.6 billion presently. The consumption power of these 5.3 billion people will deliver a third of the global GDP. Most of this growth will be in Asia, with .... Read More
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