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India After COVID-19 (in Spanish)

TRIBUNA de Praveen Jagwani, CFA, CEO, UTI International. Comentario patrocinado por UTI International. A pesar del tremendo sufrimiento y la incertidumbre que turba al mundo en la actualidad, todos sabemos que en algún momento, la humanidad acabará venciendo al virus. Cada país está formulando su propia respuesta a la situación, que busca equilibrar de la mejor forma posible .... Read More

India After COVID-19

Despite the tremendous suffering and confusion that consumes the world at present, we all knowthat at some stage, humanity will convincingly prevail over the virus. Every country is formulating its own unique response to the situation, one that delivers an optimal trade-off, in the context of its Socio-Economic-Political pressures. Recognizing the severe economic consequence to .... Read More

Investment Update

FIXED INCOME OUTLOOK Slew of policy measures undertaken by RBI to support the market The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) advanced its meeting by a week and announced a slew of measures to support the market by lowering key policy rates and infusing liquidity into the system last Friday March 27th 2020. MPC also decided to .... Read More

Perspectives on India – 2020 (in Spanish)

Perspectivas para la India   TRIBUNA de Praveen Jagwani, CFA, CEO, UTI International. Comentario patrocinado por UTI International. A pesar de un comienzo prometedor, el año 2019 planteó numerosos desafíos para la economía india. La tasa de crecimiento del PIB disminuyó de casi un 7% a un 5%, el índice de producción industrial cayó, la .... Read More
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